Sinuous Shapes for a Reimagined Reception

An absence of edges and mirroring details transfigured this early 20th century folly to a celestial masterpiece. 

With shapes that swell and inflect, a dreamy tablescape unfurled at Ashton Memorial, in the city of Lancaster. An homage to enduring romance and poignant beauty, the domed folly was commissioned by the English Lord Asthon as a tribute to his late wife.

Both timelessly elegant and unexpected, wedding photographer and stylist Emily Robinson referenced the room’s curvature to organically style this celestial masterpiece.  

Take note of the absence of edges. The swimming table linen to further soften the meandering blooms and varying candles. The statuesque cake design, evoking the divine feminine and reflecting the baroque paintings of nude figures adorning the ceiling of the memorial. 

Each poetic and enchanting detail transfigures the space to a dance, one detail cascading gracefully into the next. 

wedding table decorations

wedding table plan

wedding table decorations

“With stone tableware to match the stone walls we accentuated each table place, and added curved menus to represent the curved windows above each plate.”

wedding table decorations

wedding table decorations

Fleur Design’s Styling Tips

  • Emphasize the focal point by placing a grand floral arrangement at the center of the room. This draws attention and anchors the space.
  • Opt for arrangements that have a natural flow, complementing the curvature of the room. Cascading designs or rounded arrangements work well. Similar meadow style.
  • Incorporate circular elements in your designs, such as curved stationery, rounded vases, or floral fixtures, to echo the room’s shape and enhance cohesion.
  • Vary the height of floral arrangements to add dimension and visual interest. Taller arrangements can draw the eye upwards, accentuating the room’s height.
  • Since guests will view the room from all angles, ensure that floral designs are visually appealing from every viewpoint. This may involve creating multiple focal points or symmetrical arrangements.
  • Work with lighting professionals to illuminate floral arrangements effectively, enhancing their beauty and creating a romantic ambiance within the circular space.

wedding table decorations

wedding table decorations

wedding table decorations

“Having a table that followed the shape and direction of the architecture and tiles on the floor was essential to style our creative concept.”

Creative Director / Emily Robinson

Photography / Emily Robinson

Videography / Milana Jones Photography

Styling / Fleur Designs & The Wedding Fairy

Flowers / Fleur Designs

Cake / Natalie Cake Studio

Flatware & Cutlery / Lune Valley Crockery Hire

Furniture / Eclipse Table & Chair Hire

Location / Ashton Memorial, William’s Park, Lancaster, UK


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