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Introducing ‘Something Old, Something New’

Our exclusive first look at the new engagement collection by Sarah & Sebastian poetically fusing sentimental, heirloom diamonds with modern design and service.

It’s those epic love stories that transcend time – those serendipitous encounters blossomed into fateful romances, whirlwind courtships turned lifelong partnerships, and intoxicating passions come unconditional bonds, shared across generations as poetic and profound truths of love and loss. We know of them as if they were our own, intrinsically bound to us through bloodlines and lasting memories and with them, heirloom jewels handed down as totems of the past to forever cherish. Each heirloom stone steeped in sentimental value and poetic antiquity, no jewel like another, imprinted with their own unique character and perfectly imperfect details spilling with soul… equal to the love stories rooted within each.

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Intrinsically connecting the past and future, Australian jewelry designers Sarah & Sebastian have launched ‘Something Old, Something New’, an exclusive engagement collection and design service incorporating your own heirloom diamond alongside a modern cut diamond and set into one of six new designs. Breathing new life into the heirloom jewel, a chance for couples to bind generations of family love stories with their own in a modern way while adding to the history yet to be written…

“Heirloom diamonds
are powerfully evocative, having
touched the skin of their previous
wearer, they are charged with
emotion and memories…”
– Sarah Gittoes

Evocative of the powerful women in Creative Director Sarah Gittoes’ life, the six designs each uniquely interweave a concoction of different personalities through a variety of cuts and styles. From ‘Gwen’, her vivacious grandmother reflected in a design for the bold, boundary-pushing woman, through to the ‘Coralie’, for the more restrained, subtle inclined. Each piece customizable around your heirloom stone’s size and cut and paired with a new diamond that meets Sarah & Sebastian’s strict standards of ethics and quality.

Embarking on the journey of fusing an heirloom piece with an engagement ring can be fuelled with nerves of the unknown. Trusting in another with stones of both deep sentimental and high value is daunting at best. Sarah & Sebastian have stripped away any uncertainties by streamlining and modernising the process to be one of utmost care, expertise and full transparency at every stage of the ‘Something Old, Something New‘ service…

The Process

Your heirloom diamond will first need to be valued and certified by a third party to give you peace of mind before formally beginning the process. Customers can then select their preferred ‘Something Old, Something New’ ring via the Sarah & Sebastian website, prior to being invited to book a private consultation with the Sarah & Sebastian team to further customize the ring around your heirloom diamond. A modern cut, ethically sourced and GIA certified diamond will be selected by Sarah & Sebastian’s team of gemmologists and diamond graders to pair with your heirloom stone, with the final ring being completed by their master jeweller in their Sydney based studio within 6-8 weeks.

To enquire or book a ‘Something Old, Something New’ consultation, visit the Sarah & Sebastian website.


Photography / Matt Godkin

Creative Direction / Emma Westblade @ The Lane

Model / Bernie Anker @ IMG

Hair & Makeup / Thanh Vo



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