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Barely There Jewelry

Refined linear styles of intricate metals, stripped back from unnecessary adornment for the minimalist

Stripped back from unnecessary adornment, intricate metals give an air of barely there; delicately gracing fingers, sweeping collarbones or falling from the ear into refined linear jewelry. The contemporary counterpart to antique pearls, modern thinly sculpted bands are set with petite stones, or a singular almost floating jewel, into minimal pieces that seamlessly blend into the contemporary wardrobe. 

Style Tips

Suitable for almost any occasion, for an effortless, pared-back mood a restrained approach of ‘less is more’ is key when styling these pieces. While they are small and subtle, don’t overdo it by wearing too many pieces. If a singular piece feels too bare, pair it with a matching ring or two stacked on the same hand at different heights, or for those with multiple piercings, add an additional matching stud or ear cuff to one ear. The intricacy of the styles makes it a great opportunity to mix metals, yet keep in mind that quality over quantity is key when choosing a future heirloom.



Chanel Necklace and Earrings by Saskia Wilson.

Gucci Necklace and Bracelet by Saskia Wilson.



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