Styling an Oceanic Tablescape

Style tips to create a wedding tablescape that mimics the untamed, moody landscapes of the sea

Beach styling and oceanic decor when not carefully curated can have a tendency of coming across kitsch and commercial. But before you lose faith in the inspirational beauty of the ocean, when styled correctly a tablescape that mimics the untamed, moody landscape of the sea can produce a magical outcome.

Incorporate our styling tips on palette selection, materials and layering techniques to project a wedding style that has both timeless appeal and ethereal nature.

The Prop Dispensary

Color Palette

For a color palette that eludes to the movement and texture of the wildest oceans and the darkest seas start with a timeless foundation of moody hues.

A darkened mood of indigo hues will find contrast when offset with an organic layering of iced blues, smoky greys and cool crisp whites.

Fluid-like fabric by Silk & Willow

Encourage ethereal movements with free flowing fabrics


Like an ocean moving with the tide let your fabrics fall as they will, billowing in the wind, taking on a life of their own.

Use plant dyed silks like those from Silk & Willow, these fabrics crush beautifully into textures that mimic an oceanic landscape.


Layer tarnished silvers with patina laden handles over organic lined porcelain crockery. Introduce a fluidity with Japanese glass vessels and vases, whilst also taking inspiration from the delicate lines of Malfatti Glass.



Incorporate stationery goods with watercolour accents, hand calligraphy type or worn edges. Keep to a cool palette in tones of ivory, smoke, silver and ink.

Silk & Willow



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