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About Marina Machado Cakes

Marina’s cakes draw inspiration from her natural surrounds which include sub-tropical forests, rural pastures and a stunning coastline. In particular, Marina loves to explore the motion, movement of natural elements such as fire, water and stone and the effect of wind on the landscape. All of her creations express a dedication to perfection in taste and presentation that is testament to her experience in Michelin fine dining.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Marina Machado Cakes? Where did your story begin?

The spark definitely has its roots in my childhood. Food is very important to Brazilians, Mineiros especially (the name of the people from my home state) and spending much of my childhood in the rural heartland, food is made lovingly from scratch and it’s an all-day-process once breakfast is finished, you prepare lunch, once lunch is finished you prepare dinner. It’s a communal affair, where stories are shared with family, friends and farmhands while splitting peas or stirring great pots of stew or making compotes and jams. It is something I dearly miss. So food is part of my soul, and sweet food especially. After I moved to London to study business I longed for the food of my childhood and lost myself in cooking again. I soon realised that I was in the wrong industry and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu to study French cuisine. After one or two steps sideways I found myself making pastries at Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, one of the great pastry kitchens of London.

After moving to Australia with my husband, I started making cakes and soaking up the beautiful natural surroundings where I found a connection with my home country. I had an opportunity to make a wedding cake for a friend and it was the unbridled joy that it delivered, not just for me but also the bride and groom, that got me hooked. It’s not a job, it’s a passion, a vocation. It’s an opportunity for me to be who I am: someone who delights in creating beautiful things inspired by nature and knowing that it will be an integral part of a very special day.


Explain your creative process when designing your cakes and desserts?

My grandmother was a semi-famous artist in Brazil specialising in watercolours and etchings. I would spend hours with her as a child watching, learning, trying and playing. There is no question that the exposure to art and the process of artist expression as a child has influenced me. I’m particularly inspired by movement in nature, whether is be ocean waves, seaspray, windblown fallen leaves, and I like to design cakes that imbue some drama and motion but are fundamentally beautiful at the same time. Of course, they have to taste amazing as well.


What advice do you have for couples when choosing their cake design?

Be bold, be adventurous, let the cake reflect your uniqueness and the things that inspire you as a couple.


What is your most popular flavour of cake or dessert?

It’s difficult to say due to the seasonal nature of ingredients I choose to work with. My customers adore the fresh flavours such as wild orange, pistachio and boysenberry.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Marina’s passion for baking is obvious in her masterful cake designs. Drawing inspiration from nature and her surroundings, she can bring any vision to life – leaving you stunned and more than satisfied.


For the couple…

Who want their cake to be a talking point and wow their guests. Marina’s cakes are not an afterthought.


Styling tips…

Let Marina design your cake around the location of your wedding – whether it’s a seaside escape or a garden celebration.