Billowing Fabrics

Add a sense of drama and theatrics to your reception space.

Add a sense of drama and theatrics to your reception space by entertaining the eyes with a dancing display of billowing fabrics that create a compelling mood of romance and eternal grace.

Best presented in baron industrial buildings or pristinely white gallery-style spaces, the inclusion of textural weaves in extensive lengths can prove to be both aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly practical.

Evoke grandeur and ethereal emotion with superbly hung drops, pinched, pleated and folded from the spaces above. For a cocktail event or reception (if your space allows), section off intimate lounge clusters or dessert bars with transparent drops in circular shapes. For something less ambitious but as equally effective, a graceful touch of transparent remnants to dress an outdoor area can prove to be a stunning choice.

Aesthetics aside, billowing fabric installations also have the ability to dramatically change the shape, flow and size of your room. From redirecting the flow of traffic and disguising the undesirable to softening even the most rigid of spaces, the options are endless!

(image: Anna Hamilton)

Style Tip

Whilst they appear to hang ever so effortlessly and sway in a nonchalant manner, we highly recommend you leave this type of installation and design up to the professionals. This is one concept that needs the most curated of eyes to ensure it looks the part along with the experience and licensing to rig from high above.

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