Earth Laden Place Settings

Explore a luxurious range of textural layers to build an earth laden tablescape.

Ideal for the open air location or an event that calls for an unassuming ambience, is a tablescape inspired by the raw beauty of the world around us.

When you design a tablescape inspired by an earthen appearance including the hues it throws, the textures it weaves and the materials it produces you begin to visualise a space that celebrates the unfinished, the undone and the incomplete. A tablescape that invites us to explore our authenticity and origin, creating the ideal atmosphere for an evening of humbling conversations with those we love.

Stationery by Paper Paper Co.

Stationery by Paper Paper Co.

To set the foundation start with stone-like surfaces or pure linen weaves, ones that provoke an interest to the senses. With your place setting, begin by curating a mix of artisan inspired crockery, cutlery and glassware pieces/designs.

Ceramics with textural finishes, matte surfaces and imperfect silhouettes will be essential in providing an earthen aesthetic. Napkins are best when loosely folded, knot-tied or organically dropped into place. When selecting your table linen try to source a tablecloth and napkin with a slightly different hue, e.g. ivory tablecloth with white napkins or greige tablecloth with chocolate napkins.

When selecting glassware, keep a standard design for a more minimalist feel, or look to cut crystal for a luxe-style effect.

Style Tip

When working/designing with textures the key is to keep an even, cohesive balance between the mix of products. Ensure you have a series of matte products to offset your gloss finishes. The same applies to your detailing, pair simple pieces with more intricate designs to allow the eyes to digest and take in the beauty of each item.

Stationery / Paper Paper Co

Photography & Styling / Eve Vine @ The Lane



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