Industrial Boheme

A creative collision of delicate beauty and cold, stark surfaces in this romantic and bohemian warehouse reception.

Within Germany’s Galerie der Traumfänger, an art gallery where industrial chic meets stark minimalism, a creative concept was brought to life by wedding planner From Sophie with Love, captured through the lens of Kathrin Krok.

Keeping the notion of contrast in mind, unique and textural elements in light hues juxtaposed the cold, achromatic walls of the gallery, with each stylistic touch underpinned in romance and the feminine boheme.

A palette of pale blush tones and ivory accented with antique gold softened the austerity of the space, injecting a sense of chic modernity into the industrial setting. Delicate muslin fabrics, elegant stationery and milky white glassware decorated the tablescape dotted betwixt an array of candles that brought variety and shape to the tableau.

The aesthetic carried through to the wedding cake by Le PomPom, a striking piece of edible architecture crafted with delicate, petal-like layers of icing that formed an intriguing focal point for the reception celebration.

Concept & Planning / From Sophie With Love

Photography / Kathrin Krok

Venue / Galerie der Traumfänger

Decor / The Featherette

Stationery / Wild Love Notes

Cake / Le PomPom

Florist / Lieblichgrün

Furniture / NimmPlatz

Drinks / Starkeepers

Hair & Makeup / Jasmin Zelenko

Dress / Labude 



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