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Sensory gifts make for emotive favors, alluring, powerful and tranquil

Scent has the power to ignite emotion, transport you to a specific moment in time, foster tranquility and heighten sensuality. Allured by it’s magical ability to shift moods, sensory gifts like incense make beautifully emotive favors, rich in symbolism.

For wildly bohemian celebrations, tie a handful of incense sticks effortlessly with gossamer silk (we love Silk and Willow‘s plant dyed range). To suit a more luxe or minimalistic event look for ultra fine, premium hand-finished incense and package in an elegantly slim gift box in neutral tones or a refined rice paper sleeve.

Perspective Studio

Perspective Studio

When selecting your fragrance, choose notes that emotionally resonate with you and perfectly embody the atmosphere you want to create on the day. Pair refined Japanese scents with elegant, minimalistic celebrations. For bohemian events layered in exotic, worldly decor, choose Indian incense with earthy, spicy qualities. And for a rustic, outdoor reception unders the stars we love Tibetan notes evocative of hillside fires.



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