Shona Joy Bridal

Liquid-like silks in masterful cuts bring an effortless simplicity to the Australian brand’s debut bridal collection.

“I believe that if we remove
all the ornaments, we come to the
truth of things, their nature.”
– Carla Cascales Alimbau

There’s an innate beauty in simplicity. A strength in stripping back. A freedom and purity in allowing space to breathe. It’s a philosophy so foreign to bridal where excess is celebrated – ruffled bodices are paired with voluminous skirts. Heavy beading suffocates rigid fabrics. Plunging necklines are imbalanced with thigh high splits. Layers upon layers wear the bride.

It’s all too easy to over adorn, but it takes a skilled designer to practise the beautiful art of restraint – a design language spoken so fluently by Sydney’s Shona Joy, and the essence of her newly launched bridal collection.

Renowned for her chic occasion wear and most recent bridesmaids collection, the same sense of simplicity is echoed in Shona Joy’s bridal line – a collection of liquid-like silks in masterful cuts that cascade beautifully over the feminine silhouette.

Grounded in simplicity but far from bland, Shona Joy bridal draws your eye over luxurious fabrics to rest on subtle but exquisite details – buttons that trail down the entire length of a gown, unexpected silk knots, billowing sleeves or cut-outs that reveal hints of skin.

Spilling with diversely different cuts and understated silhouettes, it’s a collection that can be styled to suit your personal aesthetic. Think chic pants paired with cropped tops against minimalist urban surrounds for the modernist, silk slips that pool into undulating shapes styled with oceanic adornment for celebrations by the sea, and billowing sleeves worn barefoot for the effortless bohemian.


View the new Shona Joy Bridal line via the Shona Joy website


Photography, Creative Direction & Styling / Jessica Ruscoe

Hair & Makeup / Rebecca Doney

Model / Alena Sam

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Liquid-like silks in masterful cuts bring an effortless simplicity to the Australian brand's debut bridal collection.