Wild Romance

Romanced by the wildly overgrown, Botanica Style Co. creates floral designs of a fleeting, untamed nature refined in contemporary tones.

The overgrown, poetic nature of gardens let free, brings a sense of romantic nostalgia hard to not be enamored by. An elegance untamed, unexpected. Effortlessly chic floral designs that evoke such a nature bring an honest and soulful expression to a celebration we long to be a guest of. In the essence of finding a florist whose vision is bound in the sculptural, wild and rambling, working with Southern Highlands based Jessica O’Neill of Botanica Style Co. was inevitable.

As white on white bridal florals has set an uncomplicated tone over past seasons, the search for a color and textural palette expressing honest, emotive depths has become ever increasingly popular for the more romantic inclined. Watching on as Jessica fluently embraced the muted colors of washed ivory, nudes and soft oysters given balance with dusty rose, mauves, and darken mulberry, a unique and unguarded approach with an intuitive touch blossomed into art before our eyes.

The ephemeral fleeting beauty of each flower is captured within soft garden roses, set against delicate dried wildflowers and large darken foliage, left to organically take its own shape. Each design element drawing the eye in fluid succession, anchoring the room in an atmosphere, perfectly imperfect.

For the bride seeking endless possibilities of art for her day, combine a time-worn venue with contemporary floral aesthetics. Take a blank canvas setting, hero overflowing urns with equal proportions of drama and romance against uncomplicated styling, adding rambling arch elements surrounded by grounded installations en masse to create a truly immersive experience.

See more of Botanica Style Co.’s floral designs, on their website or The Lane Directory.


Photography / Lucie Weddings

Creative Direction / The Lane

Florist / Botanica Style Co.

Venue / Chin Chin Sydney



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