Opulent, daring and wildly artistic, an Avant-Garde approach to styling an urban, black tie event.

A rebellion against the minimalist movement, where nothing is paired back, and everything is overdone.

It starts with the space, a blank canvas awaiting to be draped in grandeur or a room oozing with opulent characteristics such as oversized chandeliers and heritage features.

With a look playing homage to abstract thoughts portrayed in excess, a location with an abundance of space will ensure your key features can take center stage.

(Image by Lee Bul)

Feature Installations

Bring artistic form to your space with the inclusion of large-scale lighting designs or featured fabric installations. When working with your stylist the key is to portray your vision at scale, over develop your ideas and thoughts and look for repetition.

For a contemporary feel look to excessively oversized sculptural pendant shades or billowing fabric installations in pleated textures. For the more indulgent, nostalgic chandeliers dripping with texture are ideal.

Sculptural Floral

Unorthodox methods of floral arranging that take on a futuristic form work well. Discuss implementing new ideas and new concepts with your florist, drawing your inspiration from a world outside of flowers and floristry.

John Mangila

Noriko Kuresumi

Otherworldly Textures

Style your tables with ethereal objects that denote discussion. Work textural and intriguing figures into your tablescape with underwater objects such as coral and barnacle clusters. These alluring objects are the perfect accent to an abundance of candlelight and abstract floral displays.

Style Tip

When designing with such excess ensure to develop a pattern or repetition of textural elements within the styling story. Work with a stylist to develop a theme amongst the room so each feature compliments the next, rather than competes. Refine your use of color and work with a monochromatic palette, saving the moments of contrast for the abstract shapes and textures developed throughout.



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