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Poetic Words for your Wedding Day

Find inspiration for wedding vows and wedding day speeches with our curation of poetic words and love quotes

With emotions running high in the lead up to our wedding, the idea of putting pen to paper to write our wedding vows, wedding speeches and on the day love letters can leave us in a panic of blank space.

Being put to the task of expressing our wild hearts, describing what some would consider ‘simply indescribable’ can have us feeling overwhelmed and in desperate search of eloquent and meaningful poetic phrases to put a language to this crazy thing we like to call love.

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Custom Wedding Vows by Nice Plume

We are mosaics – pieces of light, love, history, stars — glued together with magic and music and words.
– Anita Krishan

Whether weaved into your wedding vows, wedding day notes or incorporated into your speech, communicating and sharing the essence of your love through a display of words that simply dance off the page can be a truly gratifying and emotional experience.

Find inspiration when writing with the seamless inclusion of poetry and love quotes that have an uncanny resemblance to your own experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Seek artful language that brings definition to your love for each other and be sure to keep it authentic, always editing where necessary.

Love is omni-inclusive, progressively exquisite, understanding and compassionately attuned to other than self.
– R. Buckminster Fuller

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Nice Plume / Cartier

Nice Plume / Cartier



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