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About De la Rosa

De la Rosa is a bridal collection for the effortless, modern bride. A De la Rosa bride wants to look and be herself on her wedding day. She doesn’t necessarily need to get married in a church. Her aisle could be a beach-path and the mountains, her cathedral. She appreciates fashion and doesn't need to follow the traditional bridal stereotypes. It’s her “Big Day,” but she still wants to have a blast. Thus, De la Rosa offers uncomplicated and elegantly unconventional bridal gowns and separates. de la Rosa is timeless, easy and always fun to wear.

Behind The Brand

Describe the woman you design for…

The woman I design for is confident in her style and doesn’t necessarily want to look like every other traditional bride on her wedding day. I’d like to think she stays true to herself. She might be laid back and island-inspired, with sophisticated taste, nonetheless. She’s all about chic, timeless pieces and appreciates quality fabrics and sleek, supreme fits. She loves fashion, but doesn’t need to follow trends. Basically, the de la Rosa bride wants to look like herself—rather than what a bride is supposed to look like in a traditional gown.


What is your most popular piece?

It’s hard to say just one, but I would say that our most popular piece is our Raquel Gown. The Raquel is a sophisticated bias cut, fully lined slip gown with a small cowl front, thin straps and low scoop back. Think Cameron Diaz meets Caroline Bessette. I think the reason why women choose it is because it has a very timeless feel and is very easy to wear. It hugs women’s curves so well and really enhances the woman in the dress. Not to mention it lends itself to pairing with some amazing accessories like statement earrings or a romantic sweeping veil. It’s understatedly gorgeous and timeless.


What advice would you give to brides-to-be?

I’d say that when dress shopping, go with a gown that truly feels like you. Try on as many gowns as you can (or don’t if you really know your style) and choose the one that makes you glow from the inside when you put it on, because you can’t fake that. Don’t be afraid to pick something that you had no idea you would love until you put it on. In other words: be open.

Lastly, I’d just say, relax, have a little bubbly, and don’t stress too much about the details. The most important part of the wedding is celebrating that you and your partner are choosing to do life together. Everything else falls secondary to that. I think a lot of people can forget that and get wrapped up in the whole thing.


As a designer, what tips do you have for brides to get the most out of their fittings?

Definitely some things I’ve learned along the way are to bring your accessories. Be sure to prepare. Wear the right undergarments to your try-ons and fittings. If you aren’t comfortable going braless, make sure to wear a sticky backless bra. It makes all the difference if you’re used to normally wearing a bra. Always opt for nude, seamless underwear, that way some black or printed undergarments won’t get in the way of you making a decision on your gown. Also, bring shoes if you have them so you can get a better idea of the height that you will be.

Again, try on as many styles as you can and trust the designer to recommend you some styles you wouldn’t have normally chosen. It’s easy to get completely attached to a photo you’ve had saved on your Pinterest board of what your wedding look will be, but don’t be afraid to try on something else. So many of our brides that do are pleasantly surprised!


Do you offer a custom design service for brides? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

We actually no longer offer custom designs. We used to when we first started out, but I felt going forward, it’s a much more seamless process having a line so brides can have something to try on before placing a pricey order. I know it’s a huge decision in their life to decide on “the dress” and I felt that it was a much easier process this way.


What advice do you give to brides to care for their gown?

On your wedding day, maybe only stick to clear liquids just in case – such as white wine or champagne, to avoid any major stains. After the event, make sure to get your gown dry cleaned by a recommended bridal cleaning specialist. Make sure to tell them the gown is silk because certain cleaning processes shouldn’t be done on 100% silk. Make sure to store laying flat and wrapped in tissue and plastic to avoid color damage.

Editor’s Notes

Why We Love It…

Handmade in Hawaii from luxurious fabrics that fall so beautifully, De la Rosa is a boutique label we love for their effortless elegance. Dreamy silhouettes, billowing sleeves, sheer blouses paired with silk skirts… they’re modern pieces that can be styled to suit your personal aesthetic.


For the Bride…

Who certainly wants to steer away from OTT bridal on her wedding day, and feel effortlessly herself in a modern, yet timeless silhouette. De la Rosa gowns are beautifully diverse, suiting a relaxed barefoot beach ceremony, a classic cathedral wedding or a destination wedding against ageing Italian facades.


Our Favorite Piece…

The Paloma gown, made from luxurious silk with billowing sleeves, a deep neckline and thigh high split.