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About Sincerely, Sam Cakes

Samara-Faith Ewins is a renowned Luxury Cake Designer based in Sydney, Australia specialising in Modern & Fine edible art.
With over 10 years’ experience in the Industry, Sincerely, Sam Cakes is well-known & recognised for trend-setting & attention to detail in her designs.
Inspired by the natural world, working with fresh & handmade flowers is her forte. However, she is exceedingly experienced in all edible mediums, allowing her to refine & push creative limits, bringing her to the forefront of the cake industry.

Behind The Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

Growing up, I was very close with my family who consisted of passionate creatives, from writers, to musicians, chefs, seamstresses & painters, who inspired many of my creative endeavours.

In fact, thinking back, I was always most interested in expressive artforms & recognised for my creative talents, whether it be singing, writing, painting or icing a chocolate devil’s food cake in hospitality class (when my interest in baking was first sparked.) While studying in my early school years, I spent all of my spare time baking for friends & family as a hobby and immersing myself in the art.

In my later years, I attended university to study Business, Literary Editing & Journalism, meanwhile, expanding my knowledge of hospitality & experience working in fine dining restaurants & hotels.

It wasn’t until I began working at a renowned bakery in Sydney that my journey in the cake industry began. After 4 years, I felt prepared to venture out & bring my own artistic visions to life.

I was first introduced to the hospitality industry at a young age. Not only was I present in the kitchen where my mother worked as a chef in my childhood, but I remember every birthday when she would carry out a candle-lit Black Forest birthday cake amongst a singing crowd.

It’s these precious moments that evoke my desire for high business standards. I take great pride in ensuring all edible works of art provided are not only decorated with the utmost amount of love & care, but also please the palettes of those whose journey I have had the pleasure to be a part of, as a cake is a fundamental part of any celebration and has the capacity to leave a huge imprint on the heart.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

My aim as a cake artist is to evoke strong emotions of wonder & fascination by presenting unique, Avant-Garde designs.
Sincerely, Sam Cakes is elemental, timeless & original – my edible art is truly an expression of my soul.


What are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

At this current time, following a huge wedding industry boom, it seems there is a huge, intense passion for wedding planning & design. We are seeing the bar constantly raised with current trends & innovations, from sculptural, floating floral pieces to otherworldly destinations, there is no limit to the imagination.
This is allowing us to explore & challenge ourselves, to go within, to grow & evolve collectively and individually as we strive to improve the celebration of love. It is an era like never before of expression & originality that is driving us all to leave a mark on the world of weddings.


A planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

Connectivity is key – choose & connect a team of vendors to collaborate on your behalf & trust them to bring your vision to life. When vendors work together harmoniously, not only does it ensure consistency in styling & design, it relieves couples of communicative pressures or duties so the time leading up to the wedding can be better-spent relaxing & making valuable memories.

Also, be open to new ideas & suggestions! If your idea of a statement piece/wedding is something never seen before then allowing your vendors to bring forward their ideas can be so beneficial, perhaps even crucial in order to meet your goals and expectations.


Tell us about your ordering process and what couples should know beforehand.

All enquiries are to be sent online via website. If available, a draft quote will be provided to give an idea of rough pricing & if happy to go ahead, the couple will need to place a 50% retainer fee to book their date.

From there, we begin the briefing process which involves sharing & discussing all information closely related to the cake, such as design (inspirations and mood boards,) delivery, cake flavour & contacts.
When it comes to fashioning a cake, I prefer to describe my designing processes as ‘intuitive.’ Meaning, I follow my instincts on the decorating journey – if I feel the need to alter an element due to unforeseen circumstances (weather conditions,) or personal preference then I will do so as, by choosing to work with me, you are trusting me to create the most beautiful version of your dream cake.

Due to my decorative style, I do not recommend consultations as most of the time they are not required. However, I am able to provide cake sketches for peace of mind (these are not to be viewed as final design, but as a draft or inspiration.)

Cake tasting is available before or after booking your order. However, it is not complimentary or mandatory – these are available to purchase online via website only.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love them…

Decadence exudes from the edible art masterfully crafted by Sincerely, Sam Cakes. Samara’s exquisite sculptural cakes are beautifully adorned with unexpectedly delicate petals, hand-crafted leaves, and organic shapes. She has a particular talent for evoking emotion through modern cake designs.


For the couple…

The couple who wants an imaginative sculptural artist to create a memorable and striking piece of art that will have their guests gasping.


Our Advice…

Understand and trust the creative process and you’ll end up with an unforgettable one-of-a-kind creation. Take your inspirations to your briefing with Samara and watch her evolve your vision into something of your wildest dreams.