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About Eco Tan

We are a Global Award Winning Aussie organic company offering vegan, cruelty free and certified organic tanning, body and skin care. Eco By Sonya Driver & Eco Tan manufactures its high end exquisite organic products on the majestic coastline of QLD in Australia. We have a cult following locally and internationally in the wellbeing industry. Eco by Sonya Driver & Eco Tan is founded on the principles of authenticity and transparency, which is why our certifications are so important.  

‘The truth is always visible’ Sonya Driver – Founder

Behind The Brand

Your best pieces of advice for creating your own brand…

For creating your own brand my advise would be- be an innovator not an imitator. Have a foundation of good. Be consistent and persevere when you hit a wall. Smash through it.


What was the spark for your brand?

Nothing was on the market in terms of TRUE certified organic tanning. So I saw a niche and I went for it.


Where did the story begin?

it began when i began researching ingredients of spray tans after my sister was diagnosed with a melanoma and we didn’t want any nasty chemicals seeping into her scar.


What inspires you creatively?

Nature! Never been done products. Vegan, organic wonder ingredients! The earth in all its riches!


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Romania! I traveled there last year to rescue a mum and 5 tiny children from absolute utter despair.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

At the netball watching my daughter play her heart heart! Then on the lounge with my dogs, wine, hubbo and Netflix.


A favorite quote?

“The truth is always visible”

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

With all organic and natural ingredients, our skin soaks up all the goodness and is left smelling of beautiful cocoa, coconut and rose geranium.


For the woman… 

Who is in need of a little pick-me-up pre holiday or pre wedding. 


Beauty tips…

Any seasoned tanner will know a pre-exfoliation is key for an even, golden glow. Follow with daily moisturising for a richer, longer tan.