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About Eleven Events

Eleven is an expression of Co-founders Amy Middlemiss and Jessamyn Cornell’ s wanderlust nature and their mission to create a world where bars can wander and feasts are conscious creations designed to be grazed on and shared with those you love.

With a combined background in events and styling they knew they could bring something new to the scene that focused on creating magical moments for people just like them.

Those who appreciate beautiful settings, healthy lifestyles sprinkled with a good time, all fired by adventurous spirits.

"We are here for the Explorer, for the Design Lover and for the Romantic.
Our focus is on QUALITY and using LOCALLY sourced and SUSTAINABLE produce wherever we can, creating a feast for all senses."

Behind The Brand


What was the spark for Eleven Events? Where did your story begin?

We were throwing ideas around over coffee in Bondi one day of what we wanted to do if we could do anything and where we both wanted to be in 5 years. The bar was the beginning of it all and Amy had always had a dream of owning and running her own café or bar, with Jess wanting to help her design and brand it. This was truly the beginning and from their it escalated, we were on gumtree looking for caravans and Pinterest looking for different designs that same afternoon. We wanted to create something that was beautiful and elegant and steer clear from the typical vintage style we had been seeing around. It needed to be classic in it’s design so that our Brides and Grooms could dress it up to suit their Wedding, but still stand on it’s own without any adornment. While our Wandering Bar was being crafted we felt we needed to get started creating something together and started designing Grazing Feasts, first for family and friends but as soon as we started posting pictures to Instagram it really took off and we haven’t looked back since.


What is your best piece of advice for event planning?

I think we would both say different things and that therein lies the beauty of a partnership. It’s definitely a combination of making sure you are super organised and staying on top of everything. Lists are your best friend and consistently checking and rechecking everything will save you so much time and heartache down the track. We also think it’s really important to create a concept, when you spend that little bit of extra time creating and understanding your concept which is essentially your why, everything falls into place and you get to have so much more fun actually creating. Most of all enjoy it, love every second of what you are doing and appreciate the ups and the downs, nothing is ever as bad as it seems at the time and we are all constantly learning, as soon as you start looking at your past ‘mistakes’ as positives you really start to reap the rewards.


What inspires you when designing a menu?

Our signature menu is definitely inspired by what we would love to have if the tables were turned and we were the ones feasting. We both love food and traveling, so we also definitely gain a lot of inspiration from seeing what people are doing all over the world. Otherwise depending on the event or what the couple loves, we really draw on the concept and idea behind the event or occasion and try to bring in new and exciting elements to the menu that really showcases these.


Any tips or advice on deciding between a sit-down dinner or cocktail?

Both sit down and cocktail have their strengths and it really depends on the couple and what kind of atmosphere they want to create. We always want to make sure we take the guests on a journey throughout the whole occasion, whether we achieve this through a sit down dinner which allows for a more luxurious atmosphere with intimate moments. Or the casualty of cocktail which brings about a sense of fun and freedom for this part of the evening. A few other factors that can play a role in deciding what will suit that particular wedding; The Venue, depending on the space you may only be able to fit a certain arrangement. How many people on your guest list, a cocktail style will almost always allow you to fit more guests. As well as your budget, most assume cocktail is more cost effective however that isn’t always the case. The most important is to have the option that you are happy with, everything else can be worked around to a certain extent, so choosing what suits you and the people you love will leave a very happy reception.

Our Wandering Bar and Graze offerings are lucky enough to suit both occasions and you can get creative where and when you want to have them. Is it after the ceremony to supply light refreshments and nibbles before a sit down? Or they could be the sole provider you choose in feeding and serving drinks to your guests. Otherwise it could simply be for the afterparty or even much needed recovery day!

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

The most exquisitely designed, artistic grazing tables we’ve seen & love incorporating into our own events.  Amy and Jess are professional stylists, who have an incredible knowledge of design, palettes, florals and will create a display that elevates your wedding styling. But besides aesthetics that drew us to their work in the beginning, what truly separates their work from the many grazing table providers in the industry is the quality of their produce – locally sourced where possible with only the most premium ingredients. We also love their new wandering bar, as a creative alternative to a simple bar set up at a wedding.


For the couple…

Who want a beautifully designed way to present food and beverages for their guests, and to leave it in the hands of true artists who will create a grazing table and roaming bar that far surpasses one you could ever create yourself, and becomes a focal part of your wedding design.


Styling tips…

Whether you choose to have a cocktail wedding or a formal sit down dinner, Eleven Events can cater to your vision and needs. Interweave delicate florals and subtle greenery throughout the grazing boards and incorporate different heights for the food to create more of an impact. Speak to the girls and let them guide you through the process of selecting foods and styles that are cohesive with your theme.