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About Ghost Orchid Bride

Ghost Orchid is a fashion-led, yet laid-back, intimate bridal showroom experience in the north of England, offering a thoughtfully curated edit of exclusive designer gowns from some of the most unique and inspiring international bridal labels. Their mission is for brides to have fun exploring their own sense of style, rather than conforming to the traditional and expected. The Ghost Orchid refuses to behave like other flowers, rejects the rules, grows in its own direction and flowers only when the conditions are just right. Like the wildflower, a Ghost Orchid Bride is unafraid to break the usual conventions and the welcoming stylists are here to listen to your wants and needs, creating an atmosphere where you feel at home, allowing you to find a killer wedding look that makes you feel your most authentic self.

Behind The Brand

How would you describe your boutique in three words and what is the concept behind your store?

Fun, tranquil, authentic.

With Ghost Orchid Bride we wanted to bring contemporary, cooler wedding outfits to the UK, but it was so important to keep the experience really chilled and non-intimidating for our brides. Ghost Orchid is a blend of high-fashion brands but with a super friendly, non-judgmental approach. When we welcome brides into the showroom we want them to feel at total peace because this is how people make the best decisions.

We have created a serene, light-filled space to explore our collections in, that plays to all of the senses, inclusive of playlists to make you feel good and scents to uplift and relax your mood. Our tranquil trying on haven and lounge area, reminiscent of Greek architecture, has been intentionally put together to create the most lovely of trying on experiences.

Ghost Orchid is an authentic, playful and easy bridal store, and our aim is to help you to have a great time exploring your own personal sense of style so you can stay true to yourself.


What labels do you stock at the boutique?

We carry a diverse range of international designers, and each piece we select is done so with love and intention.

  • Alexandra Grecco is our New York label that’s modern, minimal but at the same time romantic and interesting. Alexandra Grecco has a true eye for detail and a focus on incredibly beautiful, quality silks and embroideries.
  • Chosen by KYHA are our cool girl Aussie brand. There’s something laid-back and effortless about the designs – each piece is so exquisitely constructed with an eye on creating unbeatable silhouettes that flatter all shapes and sizes.
  • From Canada we have & For Love, a brand that really isn’t afraid to break the rules and at the same time created gowns such as Brooklyn, Auldyn and Harris that have ended up breaking the internet.
  • Daughters of Simone from San Francisco offer the most dreamy dresses inspired by the romance of times gone by, reimagined for the modern girl with intricate crochet laces and dramatic trains.
  • Corston brings a modern, classic, yet couture element to our collections that our brides are loving. The construction of each piece truly needs to be seen to be believed and only the most luxurious laces and silks are used.
  • Chantel Lauren are our all-American girls and are playful with their designs. This label experiments with new techniques, and with their first collection won awards for their blue artist painted wedding gown.

To complement the dresses we also have some brilliant accessories from labels A.B.Ellie, Aura Bridalwear, Olivia the Wolf and Ofrenda Studio.


Where can brides find you and what do they need to know before booking an appointment?

You’ll find our showroom in the up and coming, vibrant Fruit Market area of Hull, adjacent to the picturesque marina. Come when the sun’s shining over the water, grab yourself a Negroni at one of the bars or restaurants, and for a second you might just feel like you’re in the South of France, not the North of England.

Parking is readily available just two minutes from the showroom and we have excellent train links with London and other areas of the UK. The train station is just a 15-minute walk from us. All you need to bring with you is a relaxed attitude (it’s going to be fun, I promise), maybe a little inspiration, and an open mind. Oh…and nude underwear is always a bonus!


What styling tips do you have for brides and their bridal party?

Trust your instincts and don’t stray too far from your own style. Every bride wants to feel and look incredible on their wedding day, but remember we look our best when we feel comfortable. Comfortable doesn’t only refer to the physical feeling of not being restricted, but also to our state of mind. There’s an ease and beauty that shines through when we feel confident in our choice of clothing and styling. If your stomach is saying “No, I just don’t feel right,” then listen to it. Do try to drown out other people’s opinions and don’t try to please other people. You know your vision and how you want to feel and represent yourself on the day. If an item or style makes you feel excited, it’s the one.


What’s your number one piece of advice for brides attending their appointment?

 Think carefully about who you want to bring with you. Choose guests whose opinion you truly value and who you know will be supportive of your aesthetic vision. I know this can be difficult when those around you are so excited to be involved, but too many strong opinions can be overwhelming for a bride. I advise bringing no more than three people with you to your appointment. It’s so sad when I see a bride’s voice disappear in a sea of well-meaning but overpowering guests. Yes, we want to please mum, auntie, best friend – but it’s important to stay true to yourself. You can always reassure others that you want to keep it a special surprise for them or even bring them back once you’ve made your decision. Our job is to make you happy and we will always do what we can to make this happen for you.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

A special kind of experience with high fashion designer gowns sitting pretty in a dreamy setting with welcoming and knowledgeable stylists. It’s truly magical and enjoyable.


For the woman… 

Wild, free, marching to the beat of her own drum, seeking a dress that truly reflects her heart and spirit.


Styling tips…

Ghost Orchid stocks a stunning range of bridal accessories including LANE favorites A.B. Ellie and New Phrenology, so work closely with your boutique stylist to play with options that poetically complement your gown selection.