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About Katie Rose Jewellery

Katie Rose Jewellery is both fine and fashion handmade jewellery, specialising in creating unique bespoke pieces for the wearer to adorn in an expression of one's self.

New Zealand jeweller and designer Katie Rose, now based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, trained in jewellery design and goldsmithing. Making each piece by hand, Katie Rose brings her creations alive using traditional methods with a beautiful twist of contemporary design. 

Katie Rose's pieces are slow fashion made to last a lifetime using sustainable practices with recycled solid gold and silver, as well as using only ethically sourced precious and semi-precious gemstones.  

Behind The Brand

Describe the woman you design for…

The woman I design for are those who lead with their heart, those that realise that jewellery needn’t have rules on what you can, can’t or shouldn’t be wearing. You can wear silver with gold, or yellow gold with white, if you want a black diamond or stone, a salt and pepper diamond or even a semi-precious stone for your engagement ring then do it! I have had clients spend $500 dollars on an engagement ring and others spend up to $15,000 or more. All levels of budget are fine. When it comes from the heart that’s what truly matters.

Jewelry should be something truly special and personal to you and your style, connecting you to a feeling or moment. The women I design for are those who want something unique and can see the beauty in the handmade, the perfectly imperfect and pieces with a personal touch. I like to create pieces that women will wear and feel a sense of being a part of something special in this big beautiful world.


What is your most popular style for brides?

For engagement rings, the Eve ring. I have done several customised versions of these by changing the centre stones. Also a favourite of mine, the diamond cluster rings. I love that no two of these are exactly the same with each having their own cluster layout and unique twist.

For wedding bands, it would have to be the diamond crowns, curved to fit around the existing engagement ring. I have done various styles of these, some with added marquise diamonds, some with only a couple of diamonds to one side, others with a full curve of diamonds.


What styling tips do you have for brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests wearing your jewelry?

Again coming back to that point that there should be no rules when it comes to fashion, it should come down to what makes you feel good. I want the wearer of my jewelry to feel this carefree way of expression and style, not as if the piece is defining them, but as if it is a beautiful extension of their personality.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

Yes, I do a lot of custom design pieces. This can be done either in person or completely over email. I like my clients to have full knowledge of what they are choosing stone and metal wise, and what aspects of designs will and won’t work. So I run through all of this when working with clients. Ensuring the client is fully involved within the design process, emails will be sent back and forth with information, designs and sketches to be sure we get the absolute desired final result. From start to finish it can take anywhere from 4 – 10 weeks, sometimes longer depending on how long it takes to source the desired stone.

I also offer a remodelling service where we can reuse a client’s existing stones and/or metal, which is a lovely way to bring in some sentimental value from pieces being passed down the family.


Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Quality, artisanal and ethically designed pieces infused with intention and sentiment. We’re inspired by Katie’s unwavering passion for her work, and the beauty instilled in each of her pieces.


For the bride…

For the stylish bride who prizes handmade jewels crafted with conflict-free gemstones. Whether seeking modern, minimal or classically-inspired pieces, Katie Rose has it covered with such diversity in her design offering.


Styling tips…

Layer a bespoke single-stone ring with one of Katie’s uniquely shaped wedding bands – we love the ‘Moana’.