About prae.

You’ll find, from the moment you step foot into one of Prae’s stores, a sense of moving away from your busy life, and immersing into an intuitive space of self-care.

Prae offers a thoughtfully curated selection of beauty, wellness, active and lifestyle products from some of Australia’s best designed brands who produce luxurious and high-end products designed for well-being, whilst also having non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable values.

With a beautiful range of skincare and makeup products, on-trend activewear, a library of self-care books, scents for your home and gifting– at Prae you’ll find everything you need to feel beautifully balanced.  

Behind The Brand

What does wellness mean to you?

I believe all the little things count – priorities and making better choices of food, removing toxins from your daily products and life, enough rest and moving your body in some form of exercise daily. I also believe that the mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked, so taking the time to take care of yourself with rituals and meditation and frequently looking inwards to be truly balanced and well in all aspects of life.


What are your favourite beauty and wellness products and/or practices?

My current favourite beauty products are the Mukti Age Defiance serums. I’ve finally found the key to glowing skin and I swear by these products. I love to use the serums whilst massaging my face with my rose quartz facial roller to get the blood moving in my face and to lift and tone the skin.

I also love to dry body brush in the morning and lather myself in the beautiful The Ayu body oil before I have a shower. Its such a nice self-care ritual and leaves my skin so smooth.


What are your most popular products and/ or services?

We have so many beautiful brands in-store and online but our most popular at the moment are: YCL Jewels, The Ayu, Ere Perez, Mukti, The Beauty Chef, Addition Studios, Nagnata and PE Nation.


What advice do you give to brides in the lead up to their wedding day?

Don’t take everything so seriously and get so caught up in all of the little things that really don’t matter. Try to enjoy the process, as it’s meant to be fun and it’s over in the blink of an eye.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it…

Luxurious products designed for your well being, Prae encapsulates a place of carefully curated wholeness.


For the woman…

Who considers movement and mindfulness as core to a balanced body and soul.


Styling Tips…

Build a considered collection of home and beauty items to create a holistic sense of style that nurtures the soul.