About SAVANE Fine Jewelry

Sav Paul, founder of SAVANE Fine Jewelry, began her career as a fine artist; creating sculptural work inspired by the female figure and the experience of womanhood.

Made for the modern woman, our collection is designed with a focus on blending sculptural art and fine jewelry. Each piece is customizable, with the goal of creating a unique and immensely personal collection for each wearer. Every piece is individually crafted by hand in Los Angeles, CA.

Behind The Brand

Where are your gemstones and diamonds sourced from?

All SAVANE diamonds are ethically sourced from our trusted partners. We ensure any mined diamonds we source adhere to the standards of the Kimberley Process. It is extremely important to us that our partners share our values. For a truly sustainable option, we also offer our clients lab-created diamond options. We are committed to reducing our impact on the climate and we acknowledge that we must continuously strive to do more.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

We love working with clients to create their custom dream pieces! It is always such a treat to see these unique pieces come to life. Each client interested in custom work exclusively works with our designer to ensure all the details are perfected from start to finish. As all of our pieces are made by hand, we typically request about 4-6 weeks for the creation of a custom piece. However, we are always happy to rush pieces for special events whenever possible.


What is your most popular piece?

We have quite a few popular pieces! Our best-selling engagement ring would be our Katte Ring. We have created this ring using a wide variety of center stones as well as customized variations.

When it comes to bands, the Anrie Band is the star of the show! These styles are the perfect blend of romantic and modern.


What advice would you give to a couple looking for their wedding jewelry?

My biggest recommendation would be to shop together as a couple and trust your instincts! I see so many couples struggle over what the right design or diamond choice is for them. Learning all the ins and outs of what to look for in fine jewelry can feel like learning a second language. Work with the right jeweler; and if you are struggling to find the right ring, forget everything that everyone is telling you and listen to your gut.


What tips do you have for couples to care for their jewelry?

When in doubt, take the ring off! We recommend taking all of your fine jewelry off when you get home or anytime you are doing anything strenuous with your hands. Regular refurbishments and cleanings on your jewelry go a long way when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your piece.

For cleanings, we offer free cleanings to our clients anytime. If sending your piece to us isn’t possible, mild dish soap and a baby toothbrush are all you need. Be sure to be very gentle and never use anything abrasive on your jewelry.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

We’re captivated by SAVANE’S artisanal nature; a collision of contemporary elegance and fine art design elements inspired by founder Savane’s work as a sculptor. Handcrafted to order in their Los Angeles studio, SAVANE’s intricate engagement styles are designed to amplify the radiance of their luminous natural and lab-grown diamonds.


For the bride…

Bold yet elegant, SAVANE draws far outside the lines of the traditional for the modern bride at heart. Timeless cuts of diamonds are nestled artfully into twisting bands of gold, making modern heirlooms for the woman of today. Spilling with feminine beauty, SAVANE’s contemporary designs take inspiration from the natural world around us.


Styling tips…

Let SAVANE’S pieces speak for themselves with their glowing diamonds and buoyant shapes. Here, less is more, so stick to a statement piece such as their Maegen Ring and accompany this with an elegant chain.