About Babyanything

“Baby, I’ll do anything for you”.

Lucie Ferguson is a contemporary jeweller creating future heirlooms imbued with femininity and timeless style.

Each piece is designed and sustainably made in Australia.

Be romanced with pieces from our Ceremonial collection, or create the perfect bespoke handmade engagement or wedding ring.

We believe jewellery has the power to hold memory and energy and respect the precious metal, diamonds and gemstones from which the pieces are crafted.  Our materials are sourced from premium local and international sources, resulting in an ethically conscious piece.

Fall under loves spell and let us make your dream heirloom.

Behind The Brand

Your best pieces of advice for event planning?

My best piece of advice – Get excited and be romanced in the process! As a jeweller it delights me that I am participating in such a sacred act between two people. I do not take it lightly when a couple choses Babyanything to make a ceremonial ring. Jewellery is one of the few surviving ancient professions, we are alchemists, we make magic with gold and diamonds and from raw materials found in the earth we craft a precious piece that becomes a symbol of love between two souls. Chose a jeweller you trust, with an aesthetic you admire and you will not only get your dream will, you will make a connection for life.

What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

The spark for Babyanything came when I had finished my Degree at University, I studied Jewellery and Object design and manufacture, but spent my degree making large scale furniture pieces and I would only make jewellery for myself. I was in love with the sentimentality of jewellery and the fact it could hold stories and memories, but I wasn’t ready to make it for fashion, I just made pieces I couldn’t find anywhere else. I started selling it after being a approached by a magazine wanting to do a feature on the pieces. My partner at the time was a musician and very passionate, I was looking for a business name that encapsulated the romance of jewellery and he said, “Baby, I’ll do anything for you…” and that was it, thats the sentiment and love you feel when you buy someone jewellery.

What inspires you creatively?

Muses. I work with the idea in mind that I am making a piece for a person to wear. Often the muse is my Mum, Kim, who was a beauty queen in the 1970’s then a dress maker, who lived like a mermaid in the ocean, with the most incredible style. I go back to old photos and imagine her wearing the pieces I am making. I find inspiration from characters in novels and movies also, both ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ are re-occurring muses, ‘Penny Lane’ from Almost Famous and all the Lisbon sisters from ‘The Virgin Suicides’.

Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Capri in the south of Italy stole my heart with it’s blue grottos and romantic waiters, so did Rome and it’s  decadent food and cobblestone lanes.

Hawaii felt like home, I felt like the island of Oahu had a heart beat that was in tune with my own. With it’s swaying palm trees, lush green tropics and the respect Hawaiians have for nature, it’s hard not to fall in love.

On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Somewhere by the ocean. As a Pisces I always feel the pull of the sea, even in the dead of winter I go to the beach just to dip my toes in. I live in Bondi beach during the week and always try and swim before or after work and then on weekends I drive up to my home in Terrigal. The house is nestled on a cliff over the beach and I try to just slow down when I am there, I work tirelessly in the garden and listen at night to the crash of waves rumbling on the beach.

A favorite quote?

“Have courage and be kind” is a mantra I try to live by in memory of my mother who was this personified. The phrase I marvel at for it’s perfection is “I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart”, E.E. Cummings. x

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

We love the sense of nostalgia Baby Anything pieces bring, it takes us through decades of iconic jewelery moments with an air of ethereal beauty.


For the woman… 

For the true romantic at heart.


Styling tips…

Stack rings of mixed gems for a magical touch.