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  • Baume & MercierBaume & Mercier

    Baume & Mercier

    Since 1830 the Baume & Mercier watchmaking Maison has always carried powerful emotional and festive connotations, while expressing watchmaking excellence through a single, straightforward motto: “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”. For Baume & Mercier, time is far more than just a sequence of seconds, minutes and hours: it is punctuated by rare moments. Life is made of these special events we love to celebrate: “Life is about moments”. Baume & Mercier elegant and timeless watches for both men and women bear enduring witness to our deeply personal stories.

    Location: Worldwide
  • Blair Lauren BrownBlair Lauren Brown

    Blair Lauren Brown

    Blair Lauren Brown designs and produces a handcrafted, Alaskan jewelry line in Brooklyn, New York. Born into a 115-year legacy of pure, raw gold nugget jewelry, Blair hand finishes every piece with a deep appreciation for nature and a commitment to environmental and humanitarian sustainability. Her designs include raw uncut diamonds, recycled precious metals and ethically mined Alaskan raw gold nuggets that allow a unique story to be told through each individual piece. Her newest pieces in The Devoted Collection of rings celebrates devotion, ritual, ceremony and partnership.

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    The MANIAMANIA Fine collection features a selection of elegant alternative bridal and commitment rings, pieces to fall in love with that can be effortlessly worn everyday. Known for their directional style, symbolic significance in the designs and gemstones, all pieces are handmade in New York. Honouring the idea that jewellery holds the energy of the wearer, becoming a future generation of heirlooms, MANIAMANIA FINE pieces are beautifully nostalgic in aesthetic while inherently modern in design. All pieces are created with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, which are energy cleared, ready for the wearer to make their very own.

    Location: Australia (all states) Europe Online Shopping United States (all states) Worldwide
  • Natalie Marie JewelleryNatalie Marie Jewellery

    Natalie Marie Jewellery

    Creating each piece by hand in her Sydney studio, Natalie maintains complete creative control through each and every step, from conception of a design to completion of a piece. Each resulting ring, necklace or bracelet is a testament to Natalie’s dedication and love for her craft. Since its debut in Summer 2012, Natalie Marie Jewellery has grown organically, releasing a series of collections. Drawing her inspiration from her surroundings and within. She understands the unlimited possibilities of precious metals and uses this knowledge to create pieces that will be valued throughout the owner’s lifetime.

    Location: Australia+ Online Shopping Worldwide
  • Annie Broadway BlackAnnie Broadway Black

    Annie Broadway Black

    Annie Broadway is an Australian jewellery designer whose work is heavily inspired by architecture and geometry. A former Chemical Engineer, Annie's passion for technical design and quality are at the core of her designs. Annie's signature fine jewellery is handcrafted in Australia from blackened white gold and feature both white and grey diamonds. Celebrating symmetry and monochromatic beauty, Annie Broadway Black pieces are luxurious and refined. Designed to be striking and bold, yet feminine, Annie Broadway Black pieces have a sculptural quality that emanates from structural settings.

    Location: Australia+ Online Shopping
  • Mia ChiccoMia Chicco

    Mia Chicco

    Mia Chicco’s handmade, meticulously crafted treasures exemplify unique, rustic elegance. Trained in Florence and with her skills honed in London, Mia now crafts her truly unique pieces from her Sydney studio. Her collections and bespoke pieces often draw upon modernist art movements as an inspiration, along with the Italian heritage of ancient Roman treasures. Fascinated by the process of construction, each piece evolves as a process of discovery, exploring texture, form and arrangement, resulting in one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The life of Mia Chicco’s jewellery will become evidenced in its patina and wear, creating a beauty that comes with age.

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  • Grew & CoGrew & Co

    Grew & Co

    Each article we create in our Sydney studio is an emotional keystone in our client’s lives to one day be passed down through generations, gathering new sentiments and emotions along the way. We are passionate about combining exotic gemstones with natural textures and warm metallic colours & tones. Our designs are thoughtful and considered, our skills are carefully honed to the highest level and our goal each day is to create amazing things for amazing people.

    Location: Australia+
  • Vena AmorisVena Amoris

    Vena Amoris

    Vena amoris is Latin for “vein of love” - the vein running directly from the heart to the fourth finger of the left hand. A former blogger covering engagement and wedding rings, Tesia Alexandra started designing and creating jewelry once she realized she had a desire to not just look at other people's work, but to fully understand the process of creating beautiful pieces. Romantic, bohemian, and whimsical, her bespoke pieces are based on her love of art history and Middle Eastern and Mediterranean jewelry.

    Location: United States+ Worldwide


    Hand made by designer Lenka Šváchová’s the jewelry speaks to many different kinds of women — sophisticated, feminine, and modern. The unique, fluid, approach to design permits her to capture the organic and changing forms of the materials she works with. As the designer and a certified goldsmith she is able to create handmade, bespoke, pieces which her clients can be sure are unique and embody something truly personal — as great jewelry should.

    Location: Europe Online Shopping
  • Aristides Fine JewelsAristides Fine Jewels

    Aristides Fine Jewels

    Redefining fine jewellery, Aristides Fine Jewels combines both a minimalist, luxury approach to modern classics. Reinterpreting classic pieces with a modern edge, and a dedication to a contemporary design ethos combined with age-old tradition of craftsmanship is our passion.

    Location: Australia+ Worldwide

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