About DÔEN

Doen is a collective of creative Los Angeles-based women who make elevated yet wearable pieces for the everyday. The line is inspired by vintage designs and our nostalgia for the California of past decades. More than an online boutique shopping experience, Doen believe in presenting the Doen lifestyle and products to our customers with compelling story-telling, idyllic imagery and content featuring the real women who wear our clothes. The brand is synonymous for flattering, easy silhouettes in luxe fabrics at approachable prices.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

Reminds us of the wardrobe of our mother’s yesteryears which we long to rummage and call our own.


For the woman… 

Chasing Summer’s sun the world over.


Styling tips…

Embrace your inner free-spirited, bohemian wild child. It’s about an ease to dressing. Let curls fall, leave your bra and inhibitions at home. Run barefoot, or if you must, wear a pair of flat strappy sandals. Comfort is key.