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About Damien Milan Photography

Typical of photographer Damien Milan’s work, is a magnetic intensity of closeness. There’s something about the way he captures a moment, something intoxicatingly real and raw. From the texture of landscape and dress, to the intimacy of pre-wedding preparatory steps, Damien’s approach is one of telling a story through detail – the quiet drama of technique and of tone. Damien and his partner in crime Anastasia are based in the Blue Mountains near Sydney but regularly travel to Europe for summer and are available to capture destination weddings all around the globe.

Behind The Brand

How would you describe your photography style?

My style can be described as dramatically real & raw storytelling. I am all about capturing real moments and raw emotion in a cinematic way, making the most of the available light.


What is it that makes an image magical?

My favorite images are all intersections between a strong moment and beautiful light. Most of the time, it is less about what you see in the image and more about what you feel through it, almost like a dream.


What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

Be brave, be yourself and trust your photographer’s vision. Everything will just flow naturally on the day as long as you don’t get caught up by details and enjoy every moment.


Do you travel interstate or internationally?

I am a nomad at heart and love to capture stories in inspiring places. Having relatives in Belgium, I regularly travel to Europe and never refuse an opportunity to explore new and exciting destinations.


As an estimate, how long does your editing process take

I usually deliver final images within four to six weeks after the wedding day.


Describe a magical moment from a wedding you’ve captured.

Last year, I photographed a gorgeous winter wedding at the iconic Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. After a rather emotional ceremony, we decided to check out the view from the rooftop. It is truly one of the most incredible views in town. Just as I climbed the slippery roof to get a shot of the newlyweds basking in the dusk light, there was a sudden gust of wind which caught the bride’s veil and made them both giggle as I took the shot. The entire experience was unforgettable.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it…

There’s a wildly romantic energy to Damien and Anastasia’s work – a moody, poetic ambience that melds beautifully with emotion and location. Their frames manifest a unique magnetism and are creatively composed.


For the couple…

Looking to be enchanted by images that make you feel, where each moment is told cinematically.


Styling tips…

Consider a venue steeped in moodiness or surrounded by sprawling landscapes. Trust their innate sense for extracting magic, whether that’s heading outdoors into stormy weather or shooting in dark corners illuminated by candlelight.