About Loho Bride

Loho Bride, which stands for "league of her own" is a carefully curated experience for women who think outside of the traditional bridal box. Offering the latest in bridal gowns, jewelry, and lingerie with a young, fresh perspective; Loho Bride allows women to feel sexy and confident on their wedding day, while emphasizing authenticity. Ranging from the modern edge of Houghton to the bohemian flair of Bo & Luca, Loho Bride provides a myriad of options.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

The team are so passionate and down to earth, you’ll feel well and truly looked after, right up to the day of your wedding


For the woman…

A sophisticated yet unexpected gown. The acronym (League Of Her Own) perfectly summarises the LOHO girl. Effortlessly beautiful pieces you won’t find everywhere.


Styling tips…

If you plan on wearing figure slimming briefs or a bodysuit on the day, take them with you to your fitting so you get the best vision of how the dress will hug your body.