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About Midwinter Co.

"We are a tiny business centered on relationships. Midwinter Co. was founded by husband and wife, Samantha and Caelen. Love is our foundation and our purpose. We work one on one with our clients, doing our best to tell your story through our work. Our jewelry is meaningful and sentimental, relational and purposeful. You're a large part of our story, and we hope to be a small part of yours. 

Our catalog is complete with very exclusive and one of a kind pieces, and we work directly with clients to create the custom piece of their dreams. The jewelry we offer has a new, fresh perspective of the raw beauty and character of natural gems. We use perfectly flawed diamonds, natural gemstones, and high quality, uniquely styled metals.   

At least 10% of profits are given to carefully selected charities that serve people in need. Our shop/studio is small and eco-friendly. We choose to be a light in the world of business by offering affordable and high-quality jewelry all while serving everyone, in all walks of life, with joyful hearts."

Behind The Brand

Where are your gemstones and diamonds sourced from?

The majority of our diamonds and gems are sourced directly from mines in Canada, Botswana, and South Africa. They are often cut by our faceting and cutter partners in India. Because our suppliers do not tolerate conflict diamonds and/or human suffering in any way, all rough and polished diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process. The KP unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds – ‘rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments’ – around the world.

If you just do not trust any stone, we offer lab-grown Moissanite.

The supplier of our smaller accent diamonds is also a part of the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America, whose mission is to promote the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

We offer a very personal and chill custom design service. We know this is your first time, and we are super friendly, and ready to help educate and guide. You work with our small team or directly on our website. We have two ways to order custom; picking a stone and setting on our website, or completely custom via email. We can find you your ideal diamond and design your ideal ring. Due to the number of options, custom can take anywhere between two weeks to two months. The majority of our custom work is finished and shipped (free worldwide) within 2-4 weeks after all decisions have been made.

You can start custom work online by picking a diamond and then getting in touch via email.


What is your most popular piece?

The most popular is the most simple and chic: our Imogene setting, which is a ring style that takes any center stone of choice and adds a pretty and minimal triangle of diamonds on each side. It has a slim dainty look on top but is stronger at the base. It is a classic look, but mixed with our unique stones, has a unique touch. Our clients create completely personal Imogene rings with their choice of very unique center stone, choice of what color accent diamonds, and choice of metal.


What advice would you give to a couple looking for their wedding jewelry?

The advice we would give a couple looking for jewelry is to go with your instincts about what you love. Be aware of what you love and why. Consider any love for trends as untrustworthy for long term decisions.

Ask yourself what you personally value. How do you feel about how rings may communicate status vs. the purpose and symbolism? Be aware of how you can put meaning into your choices. For instance, six diamonds as accents may represent three years of dating, and the past, present, and future. Your ring is a very personal thing, and don’t put any weight into considering what grandma may think. 10k is a stronger metal and costs less, but 18k is worth more. It is about what you personally value.


What tips do you have for couples to care for their jewelry?

Jewelry is not indestructible. Your fine jewelry is only as strong as little pieces of metal and minerals can be. You can clean your pieces with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water, and it’ll remove any lotion and soapy grime in a few seconds. That is the only cleaning you should ever need, but diamonds and gold can also be put into an ultrasonic cleaner if needed. Just keep an eye on the prongs and make sure you do not hear any clicking sound, which may mean a prong needs to be tightened.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it…

Midwinter Co’s curation of natural gemstones make for truly inimitable pieces. Steeped in an enchanting aesthetic, each one of their designs is meticulously crafted, ethically sourced, and undeniably magic…


For the bride…

For the non-traditional bride drawn to pieces that spill with a soulful, delicate beauty. Those who appreciate raw and unexpected gemstones will treasure their dreamy designs.


Our favorite piece…

The Drew Ring with 1.24 Celestial Diamond, an incredible asymmetrical piece with an otherworldly allure…