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About Nikau Flora

Nikau Flora, a boutique floral studio in Byron Bay, create bespoke and romantic floral pieces that are made for memories – from understated minimalist designs, to rambling wild installations or sculptural artistic arrangements, they fuse unexpected combinations of fresh and dried botanicals that are authentically inspired.

Nikau Flora believe in crafting a bespoke botanical story tailored to each unique wedding and event, and deliver heartfelt and inspired florals infused with creativity and beauty.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Nikau Flower Bar? Where did your story begin?

My own floral story grew out of my mother’s flower gardens, she always had a huge picking garden where I would follow her in and help. But it was as a uni student, when out of financial necessity – I picked her a huge bouquet out of her garden for her birthday and I remember feeling a sense of wonder at putting it together. I had a lightbulb moment of, ‘Ohhh, this is what my soul wants to do’. It took a while to build up the courage to sign up for full-time floristry school in 2001. I have been flowering now for 18 years and love it much as ever.

The flower bar aspect of Nikau Store was a natural progression from our Byron Bay botanical + clay emporium, we started with just a small weekly drop of florals which grew into a huge part of the business and has now evolved into a studio of its own in the Arts Estate.


Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from a single branch or stem. Mother nature and her seasons are always the driving inspiration, but we are also hugely influenced by our creative environment too – clay makers and their handmade vessels, interiors, art, fashion, architecture…travelling in other countries. Japan was a huge turning point in tuning my aesthetic, as was the French countryside and the Californian desert…

It can strike from a client’s palette, brief or mood board.

I try not to look to other florists on social media to get inspiration, I believe it is essential to dig into our own creative source and create designs our own eyes have not seen.

When something comes together that is authentically you, it is so creatively satisfying, even it’s from a download of ideas at 3 am!


What advice do you give brides when choosing their wedding flowers?

Stay true to you – be inspired by, but don’t try to emulate what you see on Pinterest.

Find a florist whose aesthetic and style you love and really trust them to bring their floral magic. In staying open you allow the creative flow to unfold and evolve, sometimes the magic happens from a last-minute addition after the main creative brief has been set.

Also, try a huge statement piece rather than dotting flowers in every spot. When your venue is full of guests you won’t notice these as much.

Re-purpose your ceremony florals into your reception, roving setups are a grand idea.


What style of floristry and flowers are you loving at the moment?

I love the ethereal pared-back, understated, textural, subtle muted tones.

I’m currently into French and Japanese inspired delicate, whimsical dried feels – ‘dried, not dead’. Contrasting fresh and dried elements together and working combinations of unexpected elements.

I love the simplicity of sculptural work – still life, flowers and botanicals in handmade ceramic vessels that add as much to the design as the florals. I’m more of a minimalist. Unless it’s all about the delicate whimsical details, it will more likely be a pared-back, massed floral menu.

I admire floral stylists who push their own creative boundaries with an authentic style of their own, regardless of whether it’s up my alley. Originality is so inspiring.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Authentic artists, Nicole and Nikkie are a dream to work with. The kind of artists you can brief, but don’t want to overly direct, knowing they’ll take your inspirations and dream up a work of art beyond anything you can imagine. Absolute visionaries in the industry who don’t cling to trends, and who always deliver something fresh, unique, and deeply authentically inspired.


For the couple…

Who appreciate the beauty of using dried botanicals and their longevity. For the bride who wants to display her bouquet long after the wedding, or have Nikau create an artful arrangement specifically for your home.


Styling tips…

Give an inspired creative brief, but for the best results, you want to really let go and trust that what you’re going to get back is beyond the limits of what you can brief yourself.