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About Sarah Davoli

Capturing the essence of two people, as they describe the journey of their love, is what I do best. From the moment I first spoke in front of a crowd, I immediately knew. This was where I was meant to be. I curate ceremonies designed to fill the room with joy, to leave the guests feeling enchanted and the newly married couple eager to take the next step, into the rest of their lives. If you are after modernity, romance and authenticity, I am the Celebrant for you.

Behind The Brand


What first drew you to become a wedding celebrant?

Intuition and organic progression! I am a certified theatre kid and have always been drawn to performance. Coupled with my irrational love of weddings, my destined path was inevitable.

Over the years, I have absorbed myself in understanding the psychology of love and its unique meaning to each individual. I have a natural curiosity with everything I do and discovering all the idiosyncrasies that make a couple inimitable, proves to me that this is truly the greatest job in the world.

Love, when stripped bare of projected nuances and concealments, is where the true story lies.


Tell us a little about your particular style and approach?

I would describe my style as painfully authentic. When I meet a couple for the first time, it is imperative that I set the tone of their ceremony according to who they are, authentically. I give them a safe space to divulge their innermost feelings about love, marriage and relationships, with no judgement. The words I weave throughout the meeting are not only factual, but intuitive. Observing their love, body language and synchronicity is the foundation I use for creating a truly personalized ceremony.

When it comes to the big day, I am more than a wedding celebrant. I am not only extremely organized (it’s the Taurus in me) but I am observant. If anything goes awry, I will do everything in my power to ensure a seamless and memorable experience.


What makes a magical wedding?

I believe the magic of a wedding is in the eye of the beholder; for some it is the aesthetic, for others it may be the support of loved ones or even the simplicity of a private setting. For me, it is the moment the partners see one other for the first time. I am an emotional person by nature and the honor of witnessing this moment, from a unique front row perspective, is where the true magic begins.

I am also a heavy advocate for personal vows – whether they are privately proclaimed or in front of their guests – they are significant. We do not often find moments to declare our love and immortalizing your feelings in such a special moment, is beyond magical.


3 tips for couples planning their ceremony?

I was recently married so I have a very unique perspective – as both a professional and a bride.

  1. Do not sweat the small stuff. I know this is easier said than done! Truth be told, the moment the ceremony begins, every detail that you think is important, fades away. You care less about the floral arrangements and more about marrying your person.
  2. Invest in a few good vendors. Personally, choosing a good photographer, videographer, venue and of course, a Wedding Celebrant (!) – will elevate your day to another level.
  3. Spend time alone with your new husband/wife/life partner on the day. I promise you – the day will slip through your fingers and finding a private moment with the person you have just married, is something you will always remember.


A particular moment during a ceremony you won’t forget?

One wedding I conducted was for this amazing couple, Macy and Erkan. They were so incredibly in love and when Macy walked down the aisle, the usually very reserved Erkan, teared up. I could see that he was trying to control his emotions but nothing, and I mean nothing, could hinder how he was really feeling. It was so special. I had to avoid looking at him because it was making me so emotional! They now have a beautiful baby boy and I still keep in contact with them.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Sarah…

We first came across Sarah via Lucas & Merve’s wedding in the Yarra Valley, who had beautiful things to say about their wedding celebrant! We love Sarah’s deeply authentic approach to weddings as well as her modern, chic style (since your wedding celebrant is such a focal part of the ceremony and the wedding photographs you’ll have forever.)


For the couple…

Who want a modern Melbourne wedding celebrant that will really strip back a wedding to it’s pure purpose and create a ceremony that moves everyone in the room.


Our Advice…

As Sarah recommends herself, we love hearing personalized wedding vows that are raw and real – it instantly changes the entire dynamic of the event. Take the time to write your own with Sarah’s help.