About Seamone Swimwear

Their philosophy is to create luxurious, comfortable and multifunctional swimwear pieces, with an ecological conscience. So that all women may feel sophisticated, sexy and sensual without sacrificing style or the environment.

At Seamone, they believe swimwear isn’t just something we wear to serve the purpose of swimming in style, it’s what we wear when we are serving our mind, body and soul.

Behind The Brand

Describe the woman you design for…

We want to empower all women to wear our swimwear and look incredible of course. However, what we desire more is for women to feel beautiful on the inside, to feel the freedom in the life choices we make, to have confidence that emerges from within first. From a place that is real and genuine. Swimwear is intimate, it’s the closest you can get without being naked in public, so it is important to me as a designer and a wearer that the relationship I have with the swimwear I own is authentic and special. I take care of my swimwear, and I always choose swimwear to please myself, not others. I guess I have always found it hard in the past to find swimwear to buy that has character, substance and a personality, another reason why I wanted to create Seamone Swimwear, for women who are looking for the same.


What destinations would your customer wear your pieces?

Everyone is different, living in different locations and everyone’s relationship with swimwear is unique also. The goal at Seamone swimwear is for our customers to buy with their true swimwear moments in mind, that are real to them and to really enjoy their pieces and themselves when wearing Seamone. I want our swimwear to be a beautiful embellishment to special moments in life. We all have those bikini expectations (we all have those airbrushed dreams of ourselves on a tropical screensaver beach) and then we have our swimwear realities. Our everyday life at the lake, or pool or in the privacy of our own backyard. Seamone is based on an emotional connection with the swimwear culture, including a little bit of fantasy and a little bit of reality. I think about what I really do and where I really go when I’m wearing a bikini…then I take a moment to imagine and escape somewhere exotic as well. I want to be realistic in what I design and why I am designing it. I want the mood to be authentic, that reflects the real environment that a bikini is worn. Worn everywhere. Raw.


What styling tips and advice do you have for women ahead of their vacation or honeymoon?

I believe that travel is about the quality of the experiences you have within yourself and with loved ones. A vacation is about having the space and time for connection, celebration and to perhaps discover something new. A perfect opportunity to experiment and be playful. Swimwear can be the ultimate feature and central focus of your packing. It can be the base to layer from breakfast to the bar. Nothing is more luxurious than lounging and socialising in swimwear! It’s important for women to feel sexy and confident on the inside and out. Our collection has thoughtfully placed panels, quality handmade trims, romantic lingerie-inspired tailoring – spread over a romantically luxe palette. It is absolutely perfect for the newlywed goddess who wants to take the bedroom to the beach (or visa versa) and that is exhilarating to say the least!


What is your most popular style?

There is no longer the need to confine lingerie to the bedroom, let’s take what makes us feel sexy and share it with the world. Our corset tankini top PATTI with plenty of stretch, has soft and flexible internal boning for structure without feeling tight or restrictive. Offering more coverage than traditional swimwear tops, this style is wonderful for any summer event or “light packing” destinations. With a unique straight neckline and engineered seams to contour your figure, giving the illusion of a smaller waist. It has adjustable rouleau spaghetti straps that lace up at the back through beautiful matte black trims. It gives the option to adjust the size to suit your shape, because who doesn’t like a corset silhouette?! Once you’ve laced the back for a comfortable, customized fit there is really no need to change from day to night. All you need is a billowing silk skirt or high waisted denim and bold heels and you’re good to go.

What advice do you give to women to care for their garments while on holiday?

Swimwear is usually one of those sadly neglected garments in our wardrobes when it comes to tender loving care. Because of its bounce back form, we assume that it’s okay to leave it hanging over the shower tap or scrunched up in a towel for days. We would never treat a silk dress the way we treat our swimwear, that would be a fashion sin. It is important that we get in the habit of loving our lycra and paying special attention to the way we expose our swimwear to the harsh elements it endures. Caring for swimwear should be a ritual every time your precious piece is worn. We have created a “7 deadly sins & 7 heavenly virtues” guide, as care instructions to ensure the life of each piece is considered. Our elegant and timeless designs are not intended to last a season, but a lifetime, so we always recommend a simple cold hand rinse and drying flat in the shade as a base treatment.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Unique, independent and meticulously made sustainable swimwear. A philosophy founded on a deep love for the ocean, the ecological conscience of Seamone is something we earnestly admire.


For the woman…

For the stylish lovers of the sea, those who have an active relationship with the water and seek practical yet chic swimsuits that are also sustainable.


Styling tips…

Take these pieces from beach to bar by adding a luxe cover-up or a silk slip, jeweled slides and some simple jewelry.