The Make Haus

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About The Make Haus

The Make Haus is a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary creative studio that sets the standard in original concept creation. We are confident, daring, and highly skilled creatives who specialize in original ideation. We work with brides and bridegrooms on paradigm-shifting wedding design and production, including otherworldly florals and styling. Our botanical offering is unique, original, and versatile. Whatever you can dream, we can build! Our extensive experience in the industry has generated an exclusive network of fellow makers whom we partner with to enable the realization of an idea.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for The Make Haus? Where did your story begin?

The Make Haus is a collective of dreamers, designers and directors who create concepts that engage and inspire, founded in Sydney by stylist and florist, Dani Dean. Dani is a creative in the truest sense of the word. She has a particular talent for conceiving considered florals that are unlike anything you’ve seen, but her skill set doesn’t end there.

A lifelong creative, Dani parlayed her extensive experience, exclusive contact list and exhaustive collection of props into a one-stop-shop studio, The Make Haus. Imaginative, resourceful and bold, she is gifted in floristry, styling, interior design and styling, end-to-end event production, set construction and premium wedding design.


Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

Founded on a desire to heighten appreciation of everything around us through design, making, styling and florals, we make dreamscapes from worlds that don’t yet exist, elevating unseen fantasies into the realm of reality. We actively seek global inspiration through Pinterest, blog posts and creative Instagram hashtags whilst being well-read in everything design related. You’ve no doubt seen the Make Hausmagic wedding floral and installation concepts on Instagram, with inspiration as diverse as “citrus disco” and “creamy dreamscapes”. No two are alike…


What advice do you give brides when choosing their wedding florals?

We guide our couple in shaping special moments that offer high visual and feeling, from intention to execution. Investing in these key moments will leave your guests inspired and wanting more!


What style of florist and flowers are you loving at the moment?

Our innate ability to conceive new and fresh ideas, this is what sets us apart. Our commitment to delighting our clients is pure and unparalleled. We are chameleons who delight in curating different aesthetics and are not tied to one look or mood.

Our work is an invitation to imagine. Whether your vision is simple, intimate, bold – we can tailor to your thoughts and bring it to life. We are confident in styling layered, considered and dream-like tablescapes and installations which are aligned with each couples vision, palette and set up.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Wildly bohemian styling for the hopeless romantics. Innovation, shape and colour artfully coalesce in each of The Make Haus’ exquisite creations.


For the couple…

For the dreamers, looking for breathtaking installations and overflowing blooms.


Styling tips…

Don’t hold back. In this case, Dani shows us that less is not always more. Embracing the bold while thinking outside the box will allow for truly inimitable florals that create both meaning and impact.