Wanderlust Creative

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About Wanderlust Creative

Their process reflects the ideology of "Meraki":

"...the soul, creativity or love you put into something - it is the essence of yourself that is in your work..."

Their approach to each event is one of collaboration; developing a wonderland full of intricate details, statement florals and feature talking points. All the while, keeping that last message from the bride and groom - a reflection of their new beginnings and forever dreams.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Wanderlust Creative? Where did your story begin?

Wanderlust Creative was designed for the romantics, the lovers and the dreamers.

Taking a leap, I really wanted to create an environment for our clients that allows them to come to us with their dreams and desires for their special day and have a professional team execute a cohesively creative vision that pushes the envelope of design and style and embraces the romanticism of such a special event.

It is such a individual journey, that having a dedicated team that is putting together an event specifically design for each couple is the type of personalised service we wanted to give those who chose to travel this wedding path with us. We take on a limited amount of weddings per year, so that each client can receive 100% of us, and we can give 100% of ourselves to them!


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

Our style is known to be very organic, fluid and is continuously evolving. We take so much inspiration from our surrounds, the colours thrown from the sea, the texture of inner city architecture, and appreciate the feeling that movement and ambience can bring to a space.

Our clients receive a very intimate service. We are there with them the whole way, creating and designing their dreams and producing a day that is uniquely them.

We thrive on individuality and live to create a mood, a story. Our designs ooze the character of our clients and we love peeling back their layers as a couple and creating a day that reflects their personality, while embracing new colours, trends, styles and compositions.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

We are a creative utopia. Blending innovational design concepts with botanical dreams, our aim is to produce each event on a uniquely personal level. Our intimate team of dedicated planners, stylists, designers and florists work closely together to ensure that each event is a representation of our clients while still exploring new and fresh ways to display, style and floralise.

Our clients receive full wedding planning and styling services, which leaves them to be able to enjoy the day their own way, and appreciate a cohesively creative look and feel that tells a story, and creates a sense of being for all involved.


What advice would you give couples when deciding on a theme or style for their wedding?

Upon our first meeting we discuss with them not what style or ‘look’ they are hoping to achieve for their wedding day, but who they actually are, their interests, what they do for fun and who they are as a couple. We structure our design process on a fluidly developed vision, leaning more towards showcasing the people, rather than the ‘theme’.

Stylists take into consideration many aspects when putting together a vision for your wedding day, including location, architecture, colours, the surrounding natural elements – the list goes on! We ask that our clients not get hung up on a particular colour or a particular theme, but focus on one or two major elements that they want to incorporate, that mean the something important to them as a couple, and we will create magic around these focal points.

There are so many avenues for inspiration – often too many that clients can sometimes get lost down the rabbit hole of Pinterest boards and Instagram stories, so when employing a professional creative team – trust their intuition!