WKNDLA is a contemporary jewelry line that embraces empowerment through self-expression and community. Each piece is handmade in Los Angeles with quality, comfort, and sustainability in mind. Behind every seasonless collection is a love for art in all forms and inspiration that draws upon nature, movement, history, mythology, and everyday moments.

Behind The Brand

Your advice for vacation packing

I have a master packing list on my phone that I reference before every trip. It requires no work at all, since I’m not making a new list every time I travel!


What was the spark for WKNDLA? Where did the story begin?

WKNDLA is named after my favorite time and place, inspired by when I first started and was making things during the weekends. I created my first wall hangings in 2014 as wedding favors for our guests, each one inspired by Los Angeles sunrises and each of our closest family and friends. My goal to this day is to incorporate the spirit of the handmade through sustainable practices and to give the wearer the confidence to tell their story and encouragement to form new connections.


What inspires you creatively?

I like to make things that I need myself, which is what inspired my jewelry collection. In those cases, it’s easy to take inspiration from my own life and style to use in the design process. I like to combine that with my favorite artists and movements, like the works of Matisse, California Light and Space, and Memphis design. Above all, I am inspired by interesting combinations of shapes and colors that I find in the little details of textiles, architecture, and nature.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

There’s a moment I still remember from a trip to Japan over 10 years ago. We were crossing the street in Tokyo and there was a man wearing a leather jacket on a flashy motorcycle driving by a woman wearing a traditional yukata garment. It was a beautiful juxtaposition of history and modernity much like the rest of the country.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

A perfect weekend is one I spend with my family. Hiking with my husband and friends, relaxing on the couch with our cat while watching a movie, having lunch with my mom and grandmother, and not having to cook dinner.


A favorite quote?

“Be a good person to everyone you meet, so that they might feel the magic of kindness.” – Leo Babauta