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About Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield renders modern classics from archetypal elements of fine jewelry. Distilled through an alchemist’s lens, her designs are imbued with meaning & refined by a restrained simplicity. Trained as a metalsmith with a background in sculpture & fine art, Anna brings a distinct & practical view to her collection. The end result – a piece that equals more than the sum of its parts. An heirloom to be. Anna Sheffield Jewelry is committed to ethical production practices. All sourcing reflects this ethos from conflict free diamonds to the use of reclaimed metals.

Behind The Brand

Your best pieces of advice for event planning…

When choosing an engagement ring, wedding band, or even just a piece of fine jewelry for oneself, I suggest starting with researching different styles and materials, learn about what’s out there. Once you’ve landed on a few favorite designers, I think it’s important to see how they work, how they address sourcing and sustainability. Look for the ones with values that match yours, those who show the integrity of their materials and retain some evidence of the maker. I feel like all jewelry has an amulet-quality, so these elements are important for the jewelry you want to last a lifetime, become and heirloom, and represent your love and union.


What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

My love of jewelry began with seeing my mother in Native American jewelry when I was a child. And the path to designing jewelry was a meandering one- I started in fine art, studying sculpture, then I sort of dipped a toe into jewelry making when I was just out of university. The rest has a been a beautiful, wonderful evolution; every day is new!


What inspires you creatively?

Mostly I draw inspiration design from my women friends, also my mother, as they’re like a mix of female archetypes, all so varied, diverse backgrounds/ages/interest, each uniquely beautiful. Designing for them makes me feel like the work is more personal and suited to a broad range of people.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

I’m biased, but I think New Mexico is the most beautiful place in the world. When I’m not aiming to go there (ie home), then I like to be somewhere in the Mediterranean- Greece most especially as the people, environs and food are wonderful and it reminds me of New Mexico but with sea all around.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

If I’m in LA, in my garden. While in New York, I’ll most likely be out looking for inspiration and seeing friends.


A favorite quote?

Love is the drama of completion, of unificationPersonal and boundless, it leads to deliverance from the tyranny of ego.” —Henry Miller

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

Every design is as unique as the person it adorns.


For the woman…

For the free spirited world traveller with a flair for the eclectic and contemporary.


Our favorite piece…

The Bea stack worn as a symbol of eternal love.