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About Bloodwood Botanica

At Bloodwood, we work from a place of love. Love for our beautiful couples and brands who have entrusted us to create for them, love for each and every single flower we work with, and love for the fire that the creative process sparks within us. 

Our intention is to allow our botanical brand to remain authentic and timeless. We believe in the elegance of nature and as such, work to bring forth design briefs that cultivate this feeling.

As a studio, we strive to create work that is both pure and progressive. Flower art for the ages, that reflects the personality of your vision. Whilst being fortunate enough to work on amazing concepts, our design palate is constantly reaching new heights of inspiration for the work we produce. 

With a creative team led by Emilia Spencer-Brown, any hands that touch the flowers hold an essence of creativity and perfectionism that Bloodwood has come to be known for. Based in the Noosa hinterland, we are lucky enough to create in some of Australia’s most beautiful places including Noosa, Brisbane, Byron Bay and all the way down to our home town of Sydney. 

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Bloodwood Botanica? Where did your story begin?

The initial inspiration was watching nature trying to take back the city. Ferns popping out of cracks in train station walls, “weeds” climbing up forgotten rusted pipes. Basically the unbelievable beauty in the silhouette of a single seemingly out of place stem that it seemed so many people wouldn’t even notice.


Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

It changes from design to design but my imagination plays kind of short films in my head. Little snippets one after the other that might be the based on the proposal story the couple have shared, or a fairy tale, or sometimes a place. It’s hard to explain but its kind of like when you hear a song and you imagine what the film clip might be in your mind. There are so many things that are being soaked into our mind to inspire us, be it songs, architecture, fashion, spaces etc. It’s hard to pin point just one thing as it is made up of so many hints of little things.

Once the flowers are with me, the big light comes from them. I care so deeply about every stem and just want to do them justice.


What advice do you have brides when choosing their wedding flowers?

Find someone who really cares and who’s aesthetic you love.


What style of floristry and flowers are you loving at the moment?

The etherial and intricacy. At the moment I’m really gravitating towards clouds of gypsophila with my ever favourite caladium leaves, pitcher plants and pretty much every orchid varietal.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Inspired by a love for nature and art, this duo specialises in wild and sculptural floristry that will leave you breathless.


For the couple…

Who appreciate sustainability and floristry as an art form.


Styling tips…

These arrangements and displays are best complemented with simple, minimalistic styling.