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About Georgia Young Couture

The Georgia Young label was created for the bride that didn’t want to look like a ‘bride.’ There is a strong distinctive design difference with their gowns, that isn’t quite like anything else. With the use of strong lines, geometric shapes, clean fabrics and contemporary vibes, these gowns are the perfect Couture piece for the modern bride.

Behind The Brand

Your best pieces of advice for event planning…

What I have seen working with many brides over the years (and being a bride myself) is the importance of knowing yourself and your style . Apply this to everything in your planning process– the dress, the ceremony even down to the place settings.  I should know, I love colour and decided to get married in Lilac!

There is a lot of inspiration out there and new trends emerging all the time, however take that time to really ask yourself what do you value and want from your special day. From there, your decisions will be easier and it will feel more personal.

What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

I have always had a love for Couture from an early age. I taught myself to sew on my mother’s old Sewing machine and I took every opportunity to learn more.

After a few years of studying Couture, I worked extremely hard in a Melbourne Couture house learning as much as I could about the Bridal and Couture industry. I always had a strong sense of style and I found what I value in design wasn’t common in Bridal.

The Georgia Young label is created for the bride that didn’t want to look like a ‘bride.’ There is a strong distinctive design difference with our gowns, that isn’t quite like anything else. Our collections are designed using strong lines, geometric shapes, clean fabrics and contemporary vibes which has gained a huge following with modern brides.

Since launching the label in 2012, I have been living the dream ever since.


What inspires you creatively?

My inspiration comes from all unexpected sources. From the Countries I visit, the shapes I see, the texture I feel or even the music I listen to, all of these sources allow me to feel inspired and think creatively.  


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

The most memorable place I have travelled was by far Svalbard. It is an island located between Norway and the North Pole. It is one of the world’s most northern inhabited places with more polar bears than people! What I loves about this destination was it was like nothing I could have dreamt of. There was 24 hours of sunlight a day and the landscape looked like a photographs. If you are ever looking for an experience to appreciate natures natural beauty, this will be your trip of a lifetime.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

As my working week ends on a Saturday night, Sunday I am in need of some good food and good company! I make sure I visit my favourite Café in Melbourne – Slow Poke Café in Fitzroy where they make the best Chai, hands down. I don’t drink coffee so I have tried and tested all Melbourne’s Chai’s. I make sure I take the time to spend quality time with my husband, our weeks are busy so it’s good to reconnect. We usually end up at the movies, a local food market or at our friends house with a wine in hand – it’s all about balance!


A favourite quote?

Live with no fear.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

It revels in the romance of movement, it’s passionate, bold and free, the perfect balance between feminine and modern.


For the woman…

Who appreciates eco-friendly fibres; organic cottons, silks, bamboo and hemp blends are woven into luxurious fabrics and line gowns.


Styling tips…

Pair with a simple bouquet of single blooms for a contemporary look.