Nomad Styling

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About Nomad Styling

Our styling designs are consistently organic and respectful to the spaces in which they inhabit. Finding the perfect balance of injecting the personalities of our clients while complimenting the natural setting is imperative to each of our designs.

We genuinely love the connections we make with our clients. We don't stop designing until we have come up with a truly unique never before seen concept that is beyond what they could have imagined for their wedding day.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Nomad Styling? Where did the story begin?

I had been helping friends and family with their weddings for so long and it wasn’t until someone told me to consider doing it for a living¬†that I actually gave it any thought. I was in visual merchandising at the time and decided to take the leap. I’ve always considered myself a romantic at heart so the wedding industry has felt right to me from the beginning. It’s being surrounded my love and the human connection with my couples that keeps me going 5 years down the track.


What inspires you creatively?

Movement is a huge inspiration for me. The way a delicate piece of silk blows in the wind, the way candle wax drips down a candle and takes on a new form. As much as things like these inspire me personally, when I design for a client I need to draw inspiration based on their needs. When it comes to weddings, I ask them not to show me many wedding related images, other images of things they like and appreicate such as interiors, architecture, fashion, art etc are always where I draw the most inspiration for my clients.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

It would have to be Venice ( in fact I’m sitting on my balcony overlooking Venice as I type this ). I’m such a tactile person, so visiting old towns with so much history an charm is a dream come true. Venice has so many stories to tell, every wall is textured, weathered and has lived many lives. I’m currently over here styling a wedding, and I have to say, travelling down the grand canal on the florists private boat, surrounded by beautiful peonies and roses has to be a career highlight. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

If I’m not setting up a wedding, I will either be meeting new clients over coffees and finding out more about their love stories, or sourcing unique pieces for upcoming jobs. Of course Ill get some family time over the weekend too. I do try to switch off sometimes but it’s a challenge for me and something I’m still working on.


A favorite quote?

“We grow so we have something to give”. This one has changed my life, to me it’s the entire reason I’m here, to learn and share. I love to live in the here and now and I’m forever searching for ways to grow. Both personally and through my work. I always need to challenge myself or else I feel lost, without purpose. I thrive when I am working on new and exciting projects and connecting with new people- other likeminded souls who challenge me and make me grow. Then if I’m not sharing all that I know with others I don’t see the point in personal growth. It has to be for others as well.